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“No amount of success has changed Michael from the day of his first project. He is still the same guy with the same goals and intentions of doing the very best. Dilworth Development means the same thing to me today that it meant when he was building our home. It means quality and integrity. Dilworth Development represents a man that stands behind his work.” —Patty Dake, homeowner

  • Michael Dilworth, Company Owner

  • Belinda Doyle, Design Consultant

  • Gwen Bearden, Office Manager

  • Elizabeth Williams, Office Assistant

  • Sam Leslie, Estimator

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About Us

Multiple homeowners would agree that Michael Dilworth of Dilworth Development has a unique ability to listen intensely to his customer  as a Auburn home builder and create a keen sense of understanding a client’s needs and desires.

Although young in his profession, Michael’s success as a residential-and-commercial builder is proven, and his extraordinary skills and style are unmatched.

Dilworth Development is a business based on a foundation of upstanding morals and a desire to stay aboveboard and up to date with an innovative style that will remain timeless.

Our History

Michael Dilworth established DDInc in 1999. After a few summers spent framing homes, Michael knew he wanted to build homes and thus the company was started.

At the age of 19, Michael took his summer break from auburn university’s building science degree to start Dilworth Development’s first home. With a desire to build a perfect home, Michael’s first home sold as it was completed. The experience proved to truly put Michael in his element.

Inspired by his clients’ happiness, Michael quickly started making plans for his second project, His mission was to recreate something similar to his first home, But to do it better. Now, over 300 homes later, Dilworth Development’s team has grown, but the mission still stands “…do it better!”

Michael and his father on the work site of Dilworth Development's first home.
A glimpse inside the conference room at Dilworth Development.

Our Office

Daily operations for Dilworth Development, Inc. occur at 2124 Moores Mill Drive in Auburn, Alabama.

This Office was built in 2008 and hosts many of Dilworth’s signature touches.

The architecture and interiors of the office are diverse and spontaneous in attempt to inspire the clients and the workers of Dilworth Development to create the best homes possible.

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